Stars Liga concert agency, working on the world music market for many years, has established itself as a serious business partner, a leading promoter, booking agent and organizer of major concerts and television events in Europe, USA, Asia and CIS countries. During its existence Stars Liga agency has prepared and conducted performances of the best bands, artists and Hollywood actors in theater and television projects, in big concert halls and  on stadiums. Working with popular and the world's largest corporations in the field of music, Stars Liga concert agency is committed to implement the optimal model of work with the artist.

Stars Liga concert agency as a booking agent is working closely with partners around the world, serving as a reliable supplier of high-quality music, theater, television projects that are in demand worldwide. In process of selecting an artist, the agency is focused on its own priorities and important experience in working with various media persons and on tastes of the audience or customer. The main criteria of our work is the high professional level of the artist and the work without intermediaries, which today happens to be really exclusive service on the market, because having a direct contract, our customers understand that they are not overpaying money for the artists and at the same time they have as a respondent Stars Liga agency which without exaggeration, earned a worldwide reputation on this market working  for many years and organizing a lot of events .Ordering the project from us, you get a direct contract with an artist. We have an agreement with most of the artists, so our fee has already been included in their fees. This eliminates the extra, unnecessary as already described above, cost from your side.

Our main focus in booking and concert activities is to work with world-known artists, as well as artists from CIS countries. During the existence of the agency we organized performances and participation in various projects for such world stars as:

Mariah Carey,  Kelly Clarkson,  Eric Clapton, Diana Ross , Bette Midler, 50 CENT, Adam Lambert , Akon, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Tom Jones, Seal, Enrique Iglesias, Andrea Bocelli, PINK, Roxette, Bob Dylan,  Seх Pistols, Katy Perry,  Gloria Estefan,  Nelly Furtado, Santana, Kylie Minogue,  Brjan Adams, Linkin Park, George Michael, Shaggy,Anastacia, Joe Cocker, Liza Minnelli, „Scorpions”, „UriahHeep”, „Bon Jovi”, „Status Jauo”, „Led Zeppelin”, „GipsyKings”, „Nazareth”, Goran Bregović, Toto Cutugno, Albano, Pupo,

Matia Bazar, Richi e Poveri, Raccardo Fogli, RobertinoLoretti, Mireille Mathieu, Demis Ruossos, Patrisia Kaas,

Thomas Anders, Bonnie Tyler, „ ABBA Revju”, Kaoma, „Fancy”, „ Dschinchis-Khan”, „NO MERSI”, Afric Simone, Chris Norman, Gloria Gaynor, „ Baccara”, „Ottawan”, Sandra, „Alphaville”, „BELLINI”, „Savage”, Eх „Smokie” mit AlanaSilson, „ACE of BACE”, „Bad Boys Blue”, „Opus”, Samantha Foh, „London beat”, F. R. David, „Boney M” feat.: Marcia Barrett, Maizie Williams, Liz Mitchell, and many more.

We will help you to organize professionally and efficiently group or solo performances by any artist in your projects, corporate events, promotions, conferences, presentations, club events and festivals of all levels.

Having a huge experience in the organization of concerts and festivals, we are ready to meet any requirements of our customers, from a small show-program to organizing concerts of world-known stars.

See you during the most popular and impressive world events.

Best  regards from your reliable partner in show industry,

Stars Liga.


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