Natalia Oreiro is an artist who doesn´t have any rivals neither in Russia, nor in the Russian-speaking world!


A singer and actress known by tens of millions of our compatriots after they watched and loved her for the role of a charming tomboy Milagros in the TV series "Wild Angel" , Natalia has managed to enchant the audience forever. Her famous theme “Cambio dolor” is sung along with her by whole concert halls!



This show will be special. Oreiro will bring a great two-hour long show and get on stage together with her band and dancers. The artist is convinced that the audience will find this concert truly memorable!


Dear friends!

Due to problems that are in no way related to Natalia Oreiro or her team, the shows of Natalia Oreiro's "20 years together" tour in Russia scheduled for the months of March-April 2020 are not going to take place.

We'll inform shortly about new dates. We intend to hold the shows in the same cities this upcoming fall 2020 (November/December 2020). Detailed information about the new show dates, the validity of the purchased tickets and the exchange or reimbursement of money for purchased tickets will be announced soon in the official sites and, as well as in official social media accounts.

The tour organizers express their sincerest apologies for these news and the inconvenience caused; we are doing our best to solve the situation and be able to provide further information soon.

Thank you for understanding.


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